Multiple questions about storage, safety and ownership of models in Sketchup free web

I struggle to find good answers in your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy regarding these questions below. Hope you can point me into what sections I can get answers to the following questions:

Who owns the ideas/concepts/intellectual property involved in a model designed in Sketchup Free web, me or Sketchup?

Would you consider it safe to use Sketchup Free web for designing new ideas/inventions that I later plan to patent?

Where is the models stored (which country) ?

What kind of security measures is taken to keep the models safe from hackers?

Are the models stored encrypted on your servers?

Or should i consider Sketchup to no longer be free other than to make models I’m not afraid to publish?

I know i can use Sketchup make 2017 offline, but it is now 2 years old with no new functionallity.

I would not consider it safe. (So the other questions about safety are moot.)


Secondly, both SketchUp for Web Free and SketchUp Make are licensed for non-commercial use only.

(There are some free modelers out there that do not have a restriction on commercial use. But this is another subject not appropriate to this category.)

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Thank you for your reply. It was clarifying and to the point.

I will consider using the old Sketchup Make 2017 until i figure out if the idea is worth commercializing or not. And then go for Pro-version.

I really like the idea of Sketchup as a free tool for everyone, but i understand why Trimble went another direction than Google with this product.

Not sure what you mean by “us”. But this forum seems to be the only way, when i really just wanted a contact email for Trimble to ask this question.

Having to register information regarding versions, OS and graphics card information seems pointless for such a question. For technical questions and problems its another story, but i’m not there yet.

If i do go for buying a license i will consider changing it.

Im not a big fan of entering irellevant information, but im sorry i some how offended you.