Sketchup for Web - Safari - Upside down & Flickering

I’m just starting using Sketchup for Web on my macOS intel-CPU computer under Safari.

When it first starts up, the placeholder man is upside down. When I use my mouse, the entire workspace area flickers between right-side-up and upside-down. No, I can’t just rotate the workspace because as I move the mouse the screen alternately displays the right-side-up and upside down of the workspace at about a 5Hz frequency while the mouse is moving. It’s not that the workspace is upside down, it is that it is alternately being rendered upside down.

Is there something I need to set or change to stop this behavior?

I have tried under Chrome and it works OK without this problem. So it seems to be something between Sketchup and Safari. I prefer to se Safari so suggestions of “Why not just use Chrome?” are not helpful.

Thank you.

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