SketchUp 24 Drawing Orientation Bug

I believe I have encountered a bug that is specific to SketchUp 24. It seems that SketchUp is not taking into account the direction I have set with my mouse pointer when drawing a rectangle, for example. In SketchUp 23, my pointer would determine the direction in which the rectangle was drawn. However, in version 24, it ignores my pointer and continues to draw the rectangle horizontally. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, is there a way to resolve it?

I don’t seem to have any difference in drawing rectangles between '23 and '24

Can you record a video or gif of what you are experiencing?

Orientation of how you look at your modeling space matters (along red, green or blue). To change the rectangle’s plane you may need to orbit.
Also the [Arrow] keys matter, locking the orientation of the rectangle’s plane to red, green or blue (ore none).

I will pay special attention to the orientation of my modeling space when starting my next drawing. Perhaps it is something I am doing unconsciously. If I encounter the issue again, I will make sure to capture a video of it and post it.

Here are a couple of video captures from SketchUp 23 and 24.

I tell you what , so many people having issues in SU2024 seem to be using ultra wide monitors…


@colin , maybe a train of thought to investigate?
My train is chaotic and rarely on time, but occasionally it arrives at that station and surprises.

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Oh, I am using an ultra-wide monitor. I’m curious to know if anyone else is facing the same issue. It doesn’t happen every time I’m on version 24, but frequently enough that I have switched back to version 23 until I can find a solution or fix for it.

It’s not this type of issue that others have mentioned, but I have tried to help at least 2 other people on the forum here with other strange things new for them and they both had UW displays - windows and Mac I think.

I guess one thing to try - if you make the window less wide - snapping to half the screen for example - does it behave the same?

I appreciate the suggestion. Did a few quick test and I think we can rule out resizing the window as a solution. Problem persists regardless of the window’s size.

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Well, it was worth a try :smiley:

When I draw a rectangle in either '23 or '24, and then type the dimensions, after selecting the the starting point, the pointer only determines the quadrant direction the rectangle will go, but the 1st value and 2nd value always corresponds to the x and y directions respectively.

In the past, I vaguely remember where the dimensions would proportionally correspond to the pointer relationship to the starting point instead.

Does anyone know if there a special setting that determines this behavior?

No, it’s always been that way. The quadrant gives a direction, but the first value is always X and the second Y. or YZ. or XZ. but it’s XYZ overall

So tracing a vertical rectangle (tall and thin) but typing 90,3 will make it horizontal.

Christopher, your captures are very big, and since I don’t have a super wide screen, I can’t read what you typed in both cases. is it the same dimensions?

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In one I typed 8’ 3", 4.5" and in the other I typed 11’ 3", 4.5". But even when I type the exact same dimensions, how they were drawn in each version of Skecthup was different.

gotcha, I could see it was different, but I’m squatting a 13" here, couldn’t decipher.