Sketchup for web: auto-save and download both fail

I worked for 2 hours without downloading a copy of my model to my computer, relying on the feature of automatic saving to Trimble Connect. I noticed the blue “SAVE” icon at the top of the window, and cliked on it. It changed to blue “SAVING”, and has stayed that way for an hour. When I try to download a copy to my computer I get a message " Error An error occurred while downloading the model." 10 re-trys over the last hour have the same result. I opened another browser window to SketchUp for Web and can see that my last auto-saved version in Trimble Connect is 4 hours old. Other SketchUp models in other browser windows are saving fine.

Is there any way to recover and save these 2 hours of work"

I don’t have an answer, but this is happening to me now too. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh boy; that sounds frustrating. I’m sorry you are running into a problem like this.

Can I ask you both (@wvbirdman and @brenton.strine): were you using any models downloaded from 3D Warehouse in the project that failed to auto-save/download? We are investigating an issue where a bad model imported from 3D Warehouse.

It sounds like @wvbirdman has already found the Revision History of his file. I’d suggest opening that file to investigate its status. See if you can make a small change and then Save As to create a new copy. Try downloading that file. If it fails to save or download, back up to the revision before and try one more time

This won’t bring back your lost progress – I apologize – but it will give me a sense of whether something that happened after that last autosave corrupted your file. Obviously, we would like to get this figured out for you and others.


Thanks for your response. I was able to access revision history on Trimble Connect, but it was no help, as it was older than my last downloaded copy. Apparently autosaving stopped and I forgot to check it and I on kept working for 2 hours before I realized it. A pop-up alert when autosaving stops working would be helpful.

I was working on a model I created from scratch, the only 3D Warehouse objects were two figures iIdownloaded to show scale in my. house plan

Yes, I had a model from the 3D warehouse.

This one:

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