Sketchup for Schools works on Safari, Edge-- NOT on Chrome

Our district uses Microsoft authentication and have enable Sketchup for Schools for our Microsoft tenant.

Users can successfully sign-in using Sign in with Microsoft on Microsoft Edge (PC or Mac) and on Safari (iPad, Mac)

Logins fail with the attached Sign-in error on Chrome (PC or Mac).
They also failon iPad if the webpages is “Saved on Desktop” as a web app.

Our domain has been added to the Sketchup for Schools whitelist.

I am unsure how to proceed in troubleshooting this. What might be causing this in Chrome? Chrome is the default on PCs for students and teachers.

The webapp on iPad would also be nice, but wouldn’t be crucial.

@snourse Have you verified that your cookie settings are allowing the app? Our team has reproduced a similar issue in Chrome when cookies are not enabled.

Hi Tory-

Yes I’ve confirmed that- 3rd party cookies are only blocked in incognito mode, allowed for everything else.

I’ve tested in Chrome that’s had district management and also independently installed Chrome- it doesn’t seem to matter. Multiple users and devices.

I’m stumped- any other troubleshooting avenues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!