SketchUp For Schools | Whitelist Request | Farmington Public Schools

Good Afternoon,

Would it be possible for you to whitelist the following domains for use? I work for Oakland County ISD and am assigned to work for Farmington Public Schools and we’re trying to get this up and running here. The domains requiring whitelisting would be.

If you need additional verification feel free to reach out and have a great day!

Hi @JosephRW, thanks for the post! I am happy to get you added to the database. By the time this post is live, you should be all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just make sure not to skip any steps as that can cause issues later on that are identical to what you might be seeing already.

It appears this issue is ongoing @CaseyG. I’ve worked with our administrator to allow and enable SSO for our domain and I’ve also used our test account which is part of that group, and we’re getting a loop on the login flow. How long after SSO is enabled on our end does it take for this to function and is there something else we need to allow for SSO on besides this? We’ve also distributed the app via our google admin portal to our users.

Hi @JosephRW thanks for the post and sorry for the delay in my reply. It should definitely be working by now. I just pinged the server to confirm that everything is working on our end and made sure that you are in the database and all is well so the most likely issue is a problem with the deployment if it is affecting all the students. If it is only affecting one or two students then the issue is most likely a bad cookie or cached file.

My first suggestion is to re-deploy the app and make sure to follow all the steps to make sure that is not the issue. Once we have that ruled out as a possible cause we can go forward with additional troubleshooting steps as needed. In case you need a video walk-through to make sure you are not missing anything I’ll link them in this post.