Whitelist Our Medfield Domain

We are currently caught up in the sign in loop. Can you please whitelist our domain:


Many thanks

Hi @tmanuel, thanks for the post. I am happy to get you added to the database of approved domains, but I will need a few things from you to get you added. First up I will need your domain and you have already included that in your post so we are 1/3 of the way there already! I also need a website link and verification that you are a k-12 school. Can you get me a website link and verify that you are a k-12 school?

As soon as I have those last two things we are all set and you will be able to deploy the app.

What website link should I send to you - should I send the link to our school website? Here it is:

Thomas Blake Middle School

As for verification, we are Thomas A Blake Middle School serving grades 6-8. I do not know what other verification to send.



Thanks @tmanuel! That website link and your written mention that you are a k-12 school is all that I need! I’ll get you added right now and by the time you see this post you should be all set to deploy the app. Just make sure not to skip any steps as you deploy the app as that can cause issues later on that may be identical wo what you are currently seeing.

If you still are seeing the error after this post is live, try clearing out the cookies and cached files and then try re-deploying the app. Sometimes a bad file from the first attempt to sign in gets stuck and clearing things out is the fastest way to fix it.

Is there any way you can send me the steps to deploy the app? I want to make sure that this gets set up correctly!

Thank you so much for your help and your attention to this matter!!!



Hi again @tmanuel and sorry for the delay in my reply. Here are the videos that you asked for. The first one outlines the deployment process for G Suite users and the second one outlines it for Microsoft users.

Hopefully one of them will help get you up and running! I also double checked the database for any typos and pinged the server this morning so I know everything is as it should be on our end. If you are still running into errors please let me know and I’ll track down what the cause might be and see if I can get you a fix as soon as possible

Thank you so much for your response!

I just want to confirm that the URL for Sketchup for Schools is edu.sketchup.com. Can you confirm this.



You are correct @tmanuel. That is indeed the correct page to access SketchUp for Schools. I can also confirm that the servers are working so you should be all set!

Woo hoo!!! We are halfway there! Users over 18 can log in successfully into Sketchup for Schools. Thank you for your help with this!

However, if a student who is under 18 tries to log in, they get stuck in the infinite login loop. Do you know why our under 18 users are being blocked from this app. Our Google Administrator has allowed the Sketchup app using the directions you provided yesterday, and they then also added an additional 3 web IDs into the list of configured APIs so that nothing was left out just in case. Under 18 users are still unable to log in. On our end, everything is set up just as it would be for all the other apps they have configured.

To test this out, we moved a student from his current student OU (marked as under 18) into the teacher OU (marked as over) and he was able to log into Sketchup for Schools without issue.

Have you seen this before? All users are in the same domain - they are only in different OUs. The app was deployed to all users not specific OUs.



Thanks for the reply @tmanuel. I can’t say that I have seen that one before. I’ll ping @Tori_SU as soon as she is available and see if she has any thoughts on this. In the meantime, can you let me know if you are using any third party services to manage the students? Also, a screenshot might let me glean some additional information if you are able to post one of what the students are seeing.

Hopefully we can get you up and running asap!

The only third-party app that we are using is Lightspeed. However, Lightspeed is not blocking your site. Here is the message that a 2028 student receives when trying to log into edu.sketchup.com:

Many thanks for your help with this!


Thanks for the post @tmanuel and so sorry for the delay in my reply. I had to track down a few things to get a conclusive answer for you. After doing some tests and talking to the rest of the team we were able to figure out what we think the issue is.

Unfortunately, the issue is in the settings on your end so I can’t do anything on my end to help you out remotely. I can tell you that the issue is likely in your permissions but as I can’t see what your settings panel looks like I can’t tell you what option to select or where to look for it.

The testing environment that Google provides developers looks different from what a user sees too so I can’t check our environment and tell you where to go or what to look for either. If you would like, I can message Tori and see if she has any suggestions, although I am fairly certain she will say the same things I already said.

I wish there was a easy answer for you or something more I could do on my end to help you out but when Google is involved it is pretty difficult for everyone.