Sketchup for Schools Tutorials

Will Sketchup for Schools have self paced tutorials designed specifically for students of all ages and abilities?

SketchUp has official self-paced tutorials (very basic)

and specific to individual tools (watch also the videos)
and of course many user-contributed ones in 3D Warehouse.

There is a challenge: self-paced tutorials need to be opened as file (they contain scenes), not imported. I could not find a “open file” function in (sic!). A workaround is to download the model to desktop, then open my.sketchup, click the hamburger menu, click Trimble Connect and upload the downloaded file into a new project. I don’t know SketchUp for Schools enough, but may it has (or will get) the ability for teachers to share such a prepared project/folder with all students.

It would be great if SketchUp added tutorials focussed on students (like they started with teaching material: ).

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alternatively Bonnie’s educational stuff for students and kids (K-12).

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