Basic self paced tutorials broken?


I use SketchUp with students a few times a year and prefer the self-paced tutorials for them to get familiar with the basic concepts, but currently all the basic tutorials supplied by “SketchUp” appear to be broken. They open just fine but the scene tabs are all missing, so there’s no tutorial aspect in them. This applies to, at least:

Start a Drawing, Part 1
Start a Drawing, Part 2
Start a Drawing, Part 3
Push/Pull tutorial
Introducing Dynamic Components

The only one I’ve found to still be working is Introduction to SketchUp which is still only a SketchUp 6 model. That’s nice as the very first introduction, even with the outdated tool icons, but it’s rather limited.

I also found that the link to self paced tutorials from this page is out of date. (Link in question here: )

I’d rather not have to resort to video tutorials as the self pace aspect is really nice and I’d rather not have all the students sitting there with ear buds in.

3D Warehouse starting to mess with some uploaded models

oh wow, I never new they were missing scene tabs.

I think we need to summon the SketchUp team here. @SketchUpCommunityManager


Eek! Sorry about the error. The link has been repaired.

Thanks :smiley:


Sorry @Tommy,

It appears that the link still does not work. Clicking on the link in the OP’s post returns a 404 File not found error and attempting to open the self paced tutorials from the 3dwh (after a search) calls up the various skp files, but none of these presents with the scene tabs as expected.


Hmmm. It seems to be taking a long time for the cache to clear. The change is correct on my admin view of the Knowledge Center. One the cached version of the page is updated, the correct link will appear. But I’m not sure how long that will take. Let’s check again in about an hour.


Good to know. Thx…


The link has been repaired. The tutorials are still without tabs. At least the first one I tried is:


I cannot get any ‘life’ out of the self paced tutorials either.
Merely a downloaded model.

If this is working, just where IS the tutorial?


Unfortunately, these models appears to have become inoperable. They used to have Scenes which would guide the user through the learning process.

On a related note, it looks like all the DC Function example models have been stripped of their attributes also,


I too like to use these Self Paced Tutorials. I have copies of the first three, but someone overwrote Tutorial 3, and i cant find a correct version. Help anyone ?
Not sure how i can make these available to others, let me know and i will share.


It could affect self-paced tutorials. We’re looking to fix this in the next 48-72 hrs.


I also noticed that the links to the Self Paced Tutorials have been broken. Many of the SPT skp files are downloadable, but none of the scene tabs remain in the file so users have no instructions to follow. Obviously this is a problem for new users, so hopefully the problem will be corrected soon. This has been an issue for quite some time now.

Here is a link to two of the SPTs that still display the various scene tabs and works as expected:

There may be others that still work, but I have not yet located them.


72 hours was now six days ago. How’s the fix coming along? :wink:



Our renderbots are working as fast as possible to fix what happened to some of these most popular models (such as dynamic components and self-paced tutorials). In the short term, I’ve directed the bots to focus their immediate attention on models referenced in this thread. Most of those should appear fixed within the next few hours.