Tabs/Scenes from the old Self Paced Tutorials

I am trying to use the old self paced tutorials with my students. I have found the Scenes through the View tray. When I switch scenes, they are all black except the first one. Any suggestions?

Can you share a link to one of these old tutorials you’re using?

Start a drawing PT 1-3. It doesn’t work in the online version. That’s why I posted here. It works on the desktop version.

Hmmmm… I opened the Start a Drawing part 1 file and see this:

I do see the black in the Intro to SketchUp. The scenes for that one are a bunch of watermarked styles instead of actual models. You can see them by clicking through the In Model styles.

The watermark thing doesn’t really seem to be well supported in SketchUp for Web. There isn’t really any control over how they look in the web versions. The tutorials you are using are more than a dozen years old and from before there would have been any thought of a web based version. Maybe it’s time for some newer tutorials.

I was getting a black screen when I changed scenes.

Yes. I see the black windows in the Intro to SketchUp but in the other ones I see the scenes as shown in my animated GIF.