Sketchup for Schools saving options are too limited

I’m not sure why this is so difficult for Trimble/Sketchup to figure out.

I was soooo excited to see that InTune made it easier to deploy microsoft apps, that means i can finally deploy Sketchup for Schools properly! And then my excitement came crashing down with all of the saving issues… and then finally when kids can save their options are limited. What gives??

Allow users to save to their device, or to google drive, or to Microsoft onedrive. Give them all of the options, why are you narrowing it down to onedrive? Why are you restricting save options at all?? It makes absolutely no sense and just complicates things for gsuite users who want to save to google drive from their windows devices. Or if you want to save directly to a windows device? You would think that would be as easy as clicking “Save” or “Save as”, right?? Nope - you’ll have to export it instead - at which point you cant even choose to rename it, you’ll have to go back into windows file explorer to rename the file manually.

Why is this so cumbersome?