Problems with Sketchup in my 4th grade class

We have tried Sketchup multiple ways, so I was hoping someone else was using it to see what experiences they have been having. When trying to use (on our desktop computers), some kids simply cannot sync with Trimble to save their work. They can use Sketchup so I don’t think it is a computer issue. Kids are using HP ProDesks Mini’s.

As for the app Sketchup For Schools, I had 3 students bring their Chromebooks to class and install the app from the Chrome store. We are supposed to be able to save straight to Drive, but it wouldn’t allow us. our Chromebooks may not be able to handle the app Sketchup.

With the app that is downloaded on each computer (for Kinders and 1st grade students), everything works perfectly. However, I’d much rather them work online so they can work in class or at home.

Any suggestions?

Can they sign into Trimble connect in the browser, outside of the sketch-up free interface? I think the service is linked but I haven’t checked to be sure.

A short term workaround would be to maybe download the files locally then upload them via

Hi Liam, Thanks for the quick reply. We can sign into Trimble. We do that as soon as we get to Sketchup. But when we try to save, SOME students (not all) can’t. Also, when we click on ‘account’ in Sketchup, some students will have the word ‘null’ written before their account username.

Oh not sure then sorry, could not see anything on google, contact support/customer service if nobody comes along.

@ksnickell You are able to login and use SketchUp for Schools, but cannot save to Drive? What error message do you receive when you attempt to save a model?

Joy–on our Chromebooks, when we click ‘save’ it takes us to Drive. However, we cannot open any folder or click the save button. it won’t let us.


Contact Support/Customer Service

LINK to Customer Support Contact Form

LINK to Contact Pro Technical Support

You should place support tickets by filling out both of the linked forms! I think Customer Support is involved primarily with sales while Pro Technical Support may be more responsive to the issues you describe.

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Clicking ‘save’ should prompt you to save your untitled model via the dialog box below, before directing you to Drive

Alternatively, you can save by clicking ‘untitled’ at the top left, which will bring you to the same dialog box.

If you are still having issues, screenshots of your process would be helpful.

It’s not clear from your description which version you are using: SketchUp Free or SketchUp for Schools. As a Google App, SU for Schools is supposed to play well with the rest of the Google universe, specifically Google Drive. There can be issues managing Google Drive like permissions. For my class, I had to create a folder for the class’s lesson material including components they needed to use. The sharing process required giving those student permission to read from the folder, and to hand in their work, a shared folder they have permission to write to. They aught to be able to save to their own Google drive of course. I’m not an expert, but I don’t think I ever figured out a way to create a new folder on drive from the Save… dialog as I can on my computer with MacOS. If a new folder is needed, I had to leave the SU for Schools tab, and go to a tab for my Google drive to create and administer folders.

I had a similar issue with one of my students and it turned out to be the browser blocking the pop up window to log in.

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