Sketchup for Schools age restriction issue

You can’t fix it but if you have them use the “workaround” they will be able to get in and find their work.

We’re having this problem also on Ontario, Canada. Won’t allow a student to access the software who’s in grade 10. Saying they don’t meet the requirement to use the software.

Hello Everyone!
Thank you very much for sharing this info, we are having the same issue in Spain. The workaround, (entering through Drive) is working fine for our students also. It is only blocked the access from the “Waffle”, which is our favourite access to all google workspace apps, but I am really thankful for the workaround!

Are you able to provide any update on this issue? Thanks!

We are having the same issues. And our new students do not have any files in their drive so they cannot do the workaround. Is that correct? I tried doing the steps “New–>More–>SketchUp for Schools” to start a new project but it still asks for a login. Anyone figure out another way?

The previous way of logging in to SketchUp for Schools seems to be working again, and has been working for our teachers. I am also a Product Expert for a different Google tool and was able to check in on this issue as it relates to SketchUp log ins. This is what I found out:

“Fix has been rolled out to Production. Users <18 should have access to Marketplace & Marketplace Apps (including accessing apps via Google onebar). Marking this bug as fixed”