SketchUP for school

Hi there, I am a student at The Aster Institute of Education.

I’m trying to work with SketchUp for School on my laptop, I have received the invitation email from my school which I attached to this post.

But when I tried to use it, it showed me an error which told me I was not eligible for it.

Could anyone solve this? Thank you!

Hi @curtisjeremy thanks for the post! I am a little confused by your post and while I appreciate the screenshot you did include, it does not exactly help me narrow down the cause of the error. Can you please post a screenshot of the error you are seeing?

Additionally, can you post your school domain so I can run a quick search on our end to make sure the firewall is not causing any issues for you?

Finally, after you post all of that, I would recommend getting in touch with your IT team and making sure that the deployment process was successful while I run the checks on our end. A bad deployment can cause issues sometimes and it is very easy to miss a critical step in the deployment.