SketchUp for Non-Profits Program

Does anybody know if the Sketchup for Non-profits program is still active? The one mentioned here -

I ask because my local reseller claims that no such provision exists.
We are located in Hyderabad, India and the listed reseller for this region is InterCAD systems.

I sent a mail to Sketchup as well through the contact-us form, no reply yet and it has been more than a week.

Thank You

It’s still on the website so I’d assume it is still a thing. You can try contacting SketchUp directly and not a reseller.

Thank you for the reply.
The SketchUp page itself instructs us to contact resellers for educational and non-profit licenses.
Also, I did contact sketchup directly through the contact-us form many days ago, they are not replying.

Is there a Contact number for sketchup office? a google search doesn’t turn up anything.