How to access Sketchup "Non-profits" license outside US/CA?


First, sorry to post this message here, but I don’t find the correct category to publish it.

I would like to find more informations on Sketchup “Non-Profits” license, visible in this page :

I’m an EU citizen and as I understand this could be quite different. But as I fail to find more information or contact local reseller about that. I ask you those questions.

Does this license still exist?
And if yes how do I need to contact ?

Thank you for your answer,

the Non-profit licence is still avilable for qualified Non Profit Organizations, contact your local reseller for the conditions and further information.

Ok, thanks @SketchUp3D_de … but from now here is the anwser of a reseller : “Sorry, i don’t know these non-profit license”.

Have a nice day :sun_with_face: !

whom did you have asked?

The offic. French Distributor - Elmtec - should know the product, the article number is:

If they wanna sell it is another question :wink:

Have a nice day too :wave:

Thanks, I will try to contact them.