I'm teaching Sketchup and building classrooms for orphanages here in Bali. Need help from Google to meet me half way with software

Hello, Sean here. I started my first class here in Bali at the Seeds of Hope foundation almost 2 years ago. (https://youtu.be/4K4vTQEYBXg)

We’ve recently started working with 2 additional orphanages here in Bali, one of which we built out an entire computer lab giving 50 kids who live there their first computers! https://youtu.be/Bik2-QjACWM

Lots to be excited about for these incredible kids but Im here asking for help on how to get licenses to install Sketchup on their new computers.

SketchUp for Schools works as well but I feel it is quite limiting for how fast these students progressed on their very first day for most of them.

If SketchUp for Schools is there any way to have assistance with the cost associated and process with setting up and EDU account? We are a 501c3 Non Profit (The Kazbah) but we’re not in a position without help and/or funding to create 12 subscriptions and growing (6 Desktop computers at Seeds Of Hope Orphanage and 6 computers at Bali Life Foundation.

Thank You for any support in these matters. The kids are just incredible and deserve their chance to design their own dreams and see where it might take them in life.

Many blessings from Bali,

Sean Behm
Co-Founder and Architect/Designer/Fabricator at The Kazbah / Miami Design Shop / Acoustic Images / Pyramid People

FYI, Google has had nothing to do with SketchUp for more than a decade. SketchUp has been owned by Trimble since 2012.


Trimble has education licenses for SketchUp. You should contact SketchUp sales directly. With only a few exceptions, members of this forum are not Trimble employees and can’t issue licenses.

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Registered Charities can get a non-profit licence for a year at a time from a local reseller (I know because we have one in the UK).

And there may be other options for very heavily discounted Pro versions.

As Steve says, ask SketchUp sales team.