SketchUp for iPad problem - image inserted as object not showing in AR mode

Hi. Any advice greatly appreciated.

I am trying to add an image to my SketchUp for iPad model so that it appears in AR mode in a similar way to a poster or picture on the wall would do in real life.

I have tried inserting the image as an object, and in the model (before activating AR mode) it appears as I would want it to. However, when I activate AR mode and move around to the area of the model where the image is, it does not appear there at all. Is there something I am forgetting to do? Or something I need to do to make it visible in AR?

I have managed something like what I am trying to achieve by inserting the same image as a texture, but it doesn’t give me the control over scale and form that I am looking for to be able to use the AR function as a useful tool with my clients.



I’m not sure why an image doesn’t appear immediately in AR mode. You can select and then Explode the image, then it will work.

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Thank you very much Colin. Exploding the image works for me!