SketchUp for Ipad Not saving Scenes

Hello All

I am finding it more common now with the SketchUp for Ipad not saving my Scenes at all.

I create them , move on with my day and when i come back it sometimes asks me if i want to save my work, i say yes and ‘puff’ the scenes are gone.

I have started to take screen shots of my scenes as the Ipad software is very unreliable and keeping these.

Any help would be appreciated.

I can’t say that I’ve had any trouble with iPad not saving my scenes. What iPad do you have?

I do, however, have a bad habit of closing my iPad suddenly because of whatever current outside distraction, and sometimes I lose work that way when I reopen and it tells me that it has “recovered the file”. I just consider that to have been rude on my part though. :laughing: my assistant has started making fun of me because when he talks to me while drafting my first response is usually me saying “hit save before talking” to myself.

I’ve been digging into some reports lately and I think I’ve found some steps to reproduce the issue you’re seeing here.

Steps to repro:

  1. work on a model for a while… long enough that Autosave kicks in.
  2. Close the model and choose the option to NOT save changes.
  3. Quit the app
  4. Relaunch the app. The app will locate the Autosave file that is still hanging around from Step 1 and ask if I want to save it.

If I ignore the prompt by choosing, again, NOT to save the file that SketchUp thinks it’s helping me to recover, and then close the file, I end up with the file that I had wanted to end up with in Step 2 above.

On the other hand, If I choose to save the recovery file, it’s possible that I may end up saving changes that I had previously told SketchUp NOT to save.

Now, obviously, the flow here is broken, and we have a ticket in the queue to do a better job of discarding the autosave file when you close a file and choose not to save unsaved changes…

But what I want to know is whether the issue I’m describing here sounds like it’s the root cause of what you were reporting in your original post, or whether there’s something else that either of you are encountering.