SketchUp for Ipad Not saving Scenes

Hello All

I am finding it more common now with the SketchUp for Ipad not saving my Scenes at all.

I create them , move on with my day and when i come back it sometimes asks me if i want to save my work, i say yes and ‘puff’ the scenes are gone.

I have started to take screen shots of my scenes as the Ipad software is very unreliable and keeping these.

Any help would be appreciated.

I can’t say that I’ve had any trouble with iPad not saving my scenes. What iPad do you have?

I do, however, have a bad habit of closing my iPad suddenly because of whatever current outside distraction, and sometimes I lose work that way when I reopen and it tells me that it has “recovered the file”. I just consider that to have been rude on my part though. :laughing: my assistant has started making fun of me because when he talks to me while drafting my first response is usually me saying “hit save before talking” to myself.