Sketchup for Ipad 'Markup'


I like to draw floorplans in sketchup for ipad. Due to the nature of our work i need to draw the floor plans flat and side by side as we then need to write on these plans certain features that are specific to a room (lights heating etc)

I am having trouble with the Markup tool not showing the note over the flor plan. It works for the first one but when i either edit or create a new item i will not show the sequence notes unless i go into edit.

I just want to see my notes being show over each floor plan :slight_smile:

What am i missing?

Oh no! It looks like you’ve discovered a bug, one that I am able to reproduce. It must have snuck in with the last release.
Thanks so much for reporting this, and apologies for the confusion.
I’ll make sure a fix to this is in the next release (coming soon).

I was coming here to report this same issue. I thought it was something I did wrong at first, but it is consistent even with the simplest model.

At least it was not me :slight_smile:

Mike you mentioned its coming soon, do you have approx date (1,2,3 months away)

I would love to offer a more detailed timeline, but that’s strictly verboten (without getting into the details, Trimble is a publicly-traded company, blah blah blah, we don’t make public statements about release timelines, blah blah blah).

Without offering a timeline, I’ll say that I am using a version of the app on my iPad, right now, in which the issue appears to have been resolved.

You should reactivate Testflight, shouldn’t you? :upside_down_face:

Per usual, you’re a step ahead…
Testflight update v6.0.5(1864) should arrive momentarily.