"MarkUp" scene not viewable in SketchUp 2022

I work in residential construction and use SketchUp for IPad to draw out basic dimensions of a job site then use the MarkUp tool to write notes. I export this file to my computer and use that as a base for the design process.

However, When I go to view the Markup Scene it doesn’t appear on my screen. When I switch from the Markup scene to the default scene my notes briefly appear before fading out.

Is this a bug or is there a setting I can adjust to make this stop?

Any help would be appreciated.

AFAIK the markup interface is not (yet?) supported in the desktop version.

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Okay so I checked the original file on my iPad and it was also having the same issue (Markup not showing) So I tried a different design and it seemed to work just fine.

IDK if this was just a bug or if it is repeatable. I am unsure what I did different between these two examples.

That’s good. I tried, and the markup scene does seem to behave on desktop.

If the scene you are starting from has a style setup that has overlay images turned off, they will be turned off in desktop app when you open them.

I think SU for iPad should force that particular tick box to become active for any style and update that style, if we create a markup from it.

Hi @ajj3950 thanks so much for the report.

In both cases, did you begin each project by starting on iPad, or did you begin one of the projects by starting on Desktop and then going to iPad?

@JQL I checked the behavior of Markup Mode, and after creating a file in Desktop with the Style properties set to have watermarks turned off by default, I was able to then go to SU for iPad and create a markup scene. SU for iPad is already turning the Display Watermark checkbox on in cases when it’s not already.

I tested using SketchUp for Desktop on my Mac. Are you seeing something different when going between Windows desktop and iPad?

I have reported this in the past Mike though I haven’t tried again. I am also able to create the scene in iPad under those circumstances. What I couldn’t do is view it in desktop afterwards, without turning on the watermarks on styles.

@MikeTadros I began both of these projects on iPad then exported to SketchUp 2022 for Windows. Exported is a bad word though. I uploaded the file to Drop Box then opened on my desktop.

@JQL yeah, I’m starting to wonder if the bug is somehow more to do with SketchUp Desktop for Windows. I’ve tried a bunch fo combinations of workflows with different style states prior to and after toggling off watermark visibility when working across SketchUp Desktop for macOS and iPad and am unable to reproduce the issue. We’ll keep digging on the Windows side to see if we can figure out what’s going on.