Managing Markups

I am trying to use markup to quickly sketch on top of the model but the Markup tool requires preparation.

When we finish markup tool the sketch we did keeps there floating in top of our screen. In order to avoid that we must first have a clean scene, then markup, then move back to the initial scene. This means we need to have a clean scene to turn back to when finishing it, so the sketch doesn’t float there.

However, when I want to markup I just want to navigate the model, hit markup and draw on top of what I see, then navigate away and hide the markup I did until I come back to the automatically created scene.

I’d also like markup to create special scenes. Now they are just called Scene1, Scene2 and so on. You should call them markup 1, markup 2…

Finally, would it be possible to edit pre existing Markups?

I can create a markup on top of another but I can’t edit one previously created. This is one more reason to jump ship to Concepts or Morpholio Trace.

Sorry for the bluntness. I’m in a hurry

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I’ve only tested once but I think it created a scene without the watermark to go back to. Getting rid of the watermark when moving the camera sure would be nice.

I added this one

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That all makes perfect sense and I completely agree on all points.

One thing you might notice we’ve already done, in cases where there are no scenes in a model, is that the first use of the Markup tool automatically creates 2 scenes: a ‘clean’ one, and one containing the markup.

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Ah then that’s what Ene saw. I was trying but couldn’t figure it out.

I tend to always have scenes already set.

Thanks for the feedback once again Mike

It would be nice if the watermark could be marked (no pun intended) as camera specific, and just be disabled (faded out) as soon as the camera moves. That way you don’t have to rely on a scene that doesn’t really represent any one specific view, just to get rid of it.

Match Photo sort of does that. Maybe something similar could be done, without needing the whole match photo feature.

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Creating one scene for a markup makes sense, but there could be many variations for one camera viewpoint. Managing many scenes can get tricky, without folders, as in the desktop app.

By clicking on the made scene first, and then clicking on the markup tool, you will add a watermark that is on a layer higher than the first.
(Yes, there are still layers in SketchUp😀)

Now, all we need is a tool to manage those layers in the iPad version:


If the styles manager gets complete functionality port from the desktop version you could manage markups as I imagine they appear in a list of overlays in current style. this list should be accessible in the desktop and you should be able to erase and hide or reveal overlays.

However what I would also like is to be able to edit an overlay that was already created. Like editing an image in an image editor, using the markup and erase tools we have already available.

I also think markups should be managed in a special panel for markups

Markup is controlled by the (i)Os, you can’t edit once saved markup’s (even on the desktop native markup tools in quickview) It would involve more layer control, I believe.
But it would be nice, though!

I suspected as much. In it’s simpler form it makes sense to use iPadOS native drawing system, but I think this is one of the features that could make SketchUp for iPad shine in another direction. It might make sense to invest in it and allow a more powerful set of tools and possibilities

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I’m bumping this up as Markups really is a major feature here.

I think Markups are nicely improving. I like how we deal with them, though I think this should be much better and rely less on the style system.

It should be a new system that wouldn’t force us to create a new style each time we need to markup. This new system would allow us to deal with overlays directly and lead to some sort of overlay manager. We could then produce all sort of new presentations by combining styles, models and overlays with more freedom. At some point in time we could even think on how to combine PDF, DWG and Excel or Word files into overlays as we can do with floating texts.

As that won’t happen soon, I think it would be nice that the styles that are being created with markups should be named according to the markup scene being created. Now they are being named after the current style and that creates a bit of a confusion on our model.

Thanks Joao.

I agree with you about the potential for Markups and the possibility of spinning it out as its own, independent thing. This first pass is an initial experiment that we’ve developed by leveraging existing capabilities in order to more quickly get to a place where we could validate the potential use cases with customers.

I made a note about the style names. That’s something we can and should clean up.

The potencial is huge imho. Thanks!


I confess I haven’t played with this enough, and it’s very cool.

To get more up to speed, does iPad not have/show saved styles yet? (I’m not seeing them, just the individual settings.) Do you have to open the file on desktop as @JQL shows in order to see these created styles? Agreed the style name should indicate what scene it’s made for.

On desktop, we can indicate an external editing app for raster images, and can go out to it from SU for textures, edit there, save, and come back to SU with those changes brought back to SU. Anyone else think it would be useful if on iPad you could designate such an external editor, and be able to open your Markup watermark in the likes of Procreate/Photoshop/Affinity Photo for iPad, save your changes and come back with those changes updated in SU?

That’s what I had to do. I’m actually using Documents to sync models between desktop and iPad, which is rather fast, but it would be convenient to be able to edit styles and manage them in the iPad. I guess it will happen in due time.

I think this was the first Feature Request I made for iPad!

Along with using the pencil to paint faces in sketchup for ipad and exporting the whole model to procreate.

Morpholio trace for markups,. It can take obj imports, so if SketchUp for ipad was able to export as obj, that would be fantastic for me!

I don’t get Morpholio Trace. It’s just too awkward working on it, for me. The good things in it is map imports and areas, but I rather use concepts for most my work.