SketchUp for iPad is here (for real... finally)!

It looks like multi unit windows show that option, but single pane windows and doors don’t. Not sure why.

Thanks for the clarification Calvin – we’ll conduct a more thorough review of all of the AutoShape components to ensure that all of them include the units toggle. :+1:

This is an huge milestone for SketchUp! :clap:

Should we delete the beta version [latest] and install the final front he App Store?

I have been busy working and haven’t had the chance to look at the final rendition yet. Is Layout included or are we just drawing models on the iPad and then transferring them our computers to work on layouts?

The iPad version doesn’t have LayOut or Style Builder. You would normally be working on files that are saved in Trimble Connect, and so could open them on your computer. If you’re working on local files you can go to the Files app and AirDrop the file to your Mac.

The release version should install on top of the beta without any problems.

There already have been a few fixes made in the app, and a couple are in the works right now. The updates going live seems to happen quickly, you could wait for a day or so and get the latest fixes.

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So, is all the iPad Beta discussion open for public view now? Can I make this thread public, or does it take an admin to do that?

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Fairly sure the beta page won’t be opened up, for everyone to see the all the effort that people put into it! Which arguably is a shame.

Equally sure that @MikeTadros would be happy for you to repeat the tips about aspect ratios.

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There is always a potential risk to consider when deleting the app! Everything that is stored locally in the SketchUp app folder (including whatever SketchUp files are saved there) will be deleted when the app is deleted. iOS will warn you of this when you try to delete the the app.

That’s another good reason to get into the habit of saving your files in Connect.

Moved it over for ya, Robert.

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Does this mean that, from now on, we should use the official release instead of the beta? Or do they match and the beta will still be the place to go to check the new features before the official release?

You can check which version is installed in the ‘About’ setting and then compare it with the available version in the Testflight app.
If it is 1780, you won’t have to do anything.

I presume when a new (test) version is available you will be notified by Testflight.
If there is a new official version available, you will get notified by the Apple store in the notifications.

Right now, the version that is on the App Store is out ahead of the Beta (and includes some goodies that you’ll appreciate – for example: Markup Mode now projects markups as projected textures…)

Once the dust settles on the launch and we fix the fresh crop of bug reports that are rolling in, we’ll get back to the business of distributing betas through TestFlight to gather feedback on new feature development efforts.

That is a great improvement to that workflow! Thanks!

So, does that mean that we will have two apps? I’m beta testing another TestFlight app and I have two apps for the same software in my iPad. It’s a bit annoying to tell the truth.

It does mean that, yes. Sorry to say, but there’s literally no other way for us to do it. In part because of Apple’s App Store guidelines.

Do you think we can have two different icons for the app then? In Concepts the beta has been greyed out.

Not a bad idea! It may mean a totally new release though!

sketchup go didn’t save what i planned :frowning:
please pay for my time :))

I’m just kidding

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  • Closing the windows on the right is difficult
  • For example, if I zoom in with two fingers in the right view, the view moves to the parallel view.
  • When using the Dimensions tool, the small window is in a confusing place

I’ll fix myself:
That one-finger zoom works

The scale learn video random starts in the background

Hi Mike, how do I lock an object on the iPad?