“SketchUp” file not opening. Help converting unknown file to .skp file please

I have this file I downloaded and in the .rar file there’s this “fw44” file of unknown file type.

All it says is “Geometry Definition File Format” and no research tells me what type of file it is.
I used a site called FabConvert to convert this file to .skp and imported into SketchUp viewer. Got this error message.


This unknown file for you is actually an OBJ file, which you can import into SketchUp

Basic Windows - Extract the folder from the rar achive > right click on the file > Properties

Thanks for the help Mihai, now I have the model. But why did you delete your comment? It was correct.

You’re welcome!

I saw after I wrote it that you posted it in the ‘IOS bug’ section, and I thought that maybe it’s something specific to that system.