I cannot open a sketchup file that is a sketchup file. it keeps saying "not a sketchup model" or "invalid"

it keeps saying “not a sketchup model” or “invalid.” I need this file to work.Please help

Share the .skp file so we can take a look and try to help you.

Are you using SketchUp for iPad? Sketchup 2020 Pro doesn’t work on iOS (the iPad operating system listed in your profile.

It’d MacOS, That’s my bad. Here is the file.

Please correct your profile.

Maybe @colin will be able to recover something from it. Do you have the backup copy of the file? It’ll have a ~at the end of the file name.

Where have you been saving the file?

That file consists of a set of ASCII characters repeated. It’s in no way SketchUp file.

my coworker made it in sketch up, and is able to open it on he’s sketchup, so I do not understand.

Evidently however they sent it to you resulted in it being destroyed as a SketchUp file. Try getting it from them again.

DId your coworker perhaps share it with you using FTP? If so, it must be transferred in binary mode. The default text mode FTP will mangle a file that is actually binary, such as a SketchUp file.

Edit: the damage to that file is not from FTP. The file contains a repeating block of bytes that just counts up sequentially. The interpretation as ASCII is just because those bytes happen to run through (and beyond) the range that are used to code ASCII characters.