Sketchup file blanked

my sketchup file went blank. please i need someone who can solve this problem. tried everything but still blank.

Zoom Extents make a trick.
I recommend you to regularly purge your file. I didn’t purged it. ( in case if you still want the unused components insert into scene)


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Dude, this file is huge for being just a small house, some models you downloaded from the 3D warehouse have many thousands of polygons. even after purging it, the file is still big.

you have raw geometry on tags, and big materials. I mean the first one is just… black ?
since dezmo gave it back unpurged, here is the purged version, with reduced materials. I simply reduced to 1024 anything bigger using material resizer (a free extension in the extension warehouse)

you have some seriously complex components here.

see that plant ? it contains a group named group 12. group 12 contains a quarter to a million entities, lines and faces. I mean, sure, it’s pretty, but a quarter of a million is a lot. (I used CG impact report, another free extension for stats)

and if you’re looking for other heavy / slow elements, I found the three amigos, they are quite detailed.

As long as you don’t feel sluggishness and slow-downs, keep them. but as soon as you’ll feel limited and look for places to optimize your file… start there. plants are often ugly or heavy, it’s difficult to find an inbetween.

after purging and dealing with materials, it went from 550 to 350 mb. quite a diet.

I tied to fix it a bit now its 89MB, its still huge for the size of the project, I would delete the models with a lot of geometry and download new ones with less geometry.