Sketchup Export is suddenly broken (messed up models)

So recently I was using sketchup pro 2020 for my big project. I need to export 3d models to maya because I’m making something for a game. This wasn’t a problem until yesterday when suddenly maya couldn’t recognize the file. I started looking at the file in other software and it was messed up and not like in sketchup. I tried different export settings and different formats like FBX, OBJ, 3DS and more. all exports are messed up and won’t import into maya. I tried different models and other projects to see if that was the problem. unfortunaly it appears to be the native sketchup export that has an issue. So I tried 3rd party software for exporting, which fixed the weird overlapping faces, but the textures were not assigned to the objects like in sketchup but all randomly assigned. this also wasn’t a sollution for me because this gave me problems later on in the project. I need sketchup’s native export functions to work properly without messing it up. I have a video here that shows you that it doesn’t matter what im exporting because this was made from scratch for the video and already had the same issue. I’m also uploading .skp file in a second topic (because I can’t upload 2 files because i’m new here :frowning: ) to see if anyone can figure out what’s wrong… I’m kinda out of ideas, help would be appreciated!

You posted an empty video file that shows nothing, and a SketchUp file with a single untextured face. What are we supposed to make of them?
PS. Please don’t create several threads to discuss a single problem.
This is what I see in your model:

In Export > 3D Model > Options… > Check ‘Triangulate all faces’


The video isn’t empty, it doesn’t play in the browser, click on the dots and download it, don’t know why tho. P.S. I can’t put 2 files in one post, thats why I had to do it this way. and yes there is no textures, but it is still messed up when exporting on my side, faces are overlapping and connected to the wrong lines.

test.skp (107.0 KB)

Thank you for your response :smile:! Unfortunatly I tried this one as well and the faces seem to behave normally, but somehow the file is still broken. Can’t import it anywhere. And the weird thing is that all of this wasn’t a problem a few days ago, suddenly couldn’t export correctly… didn’t change any files in sketchup and didn’t add any plugins… I still don’t know what could’ve caused this :frowning:

Oh you put it in this post for me XD thank you!

I haven’t got that kind of rights. Thank Aaron.

In Blender 2.90

You need to convert ASCII FBX file -

Is the face supposed to be looked at from below? Its back side is facing up.

I quickly made this face in sketchup to show u guys that every export is broken for me, even the simple ones. here is my exported file of that face with a texture assigned to it.

I don’t know, it’s just an exaple face :grimacing:

Convert your exported FBX file (ASCII FBX)

Thanks for showing me, but how you got it so clean? mine is still with glitched faces.

any idea how to fix errors in models in blender?

After converting from ASCII FBX file, import it into Blender and clean up the model.

or like this (press X to delete Only Faces)

Thank you for making a tutorial on how to do this, I will definetly try this!