"sketchup.exe is trying to access your login details in Google Chrome"

Hello there,

Someone knows why is this Avast Antivirus alert is showing?

“sketchup.exe is trying to access your login details in Google Chrome”

Is something normal o ordinary? Or i must be worried? Why Sketchup need this information?

PD: I’m not native english speaker, please excuse my writing

Thanks in advance

SketchUp probably does not have the intention to access any secrets in Chrome.

But SketchUp embeds its own browser engine (a “copy” of Chrome, to be more precise CEF) for displaying 3D Warehouse and many extensions. It could be possible that CEF shares its preferences location with any other installation of Chrome. By accessing the same user preferences that you use in Chrome, CEF would also have your login details available whenever you want to login to a website inside SketchUp’s embedded browser.

It makes sense,

Thanks again

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