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I’m getting this massage when trying to access 3D warehouse, any ideas what to do?

Looks more like a Google problem.

Cool story bro, buuut Google works fine. Sketchup’s defaulted browser is throwing errors when I try to log in. Was sitting in front of a client when it told me we are sorry after 3 login attempts your account has been locked. Please try again in 30 mins. Never received that message from the Google…every

I recently downloaded/installed SU 2017 upon suggestion to try to ferret out another issue after getting a new computer. Since I had done so, I figured I might as well take advantage of it being installed and use it to download directly from the Warehouse… but I get this very same error message as the OP (I’m guessing the OP is using SU rather than a browser to get to the Warehouse). I also don’t see how this could be a Google problem b/c my usual course of action is to sign in to Google, then sign into the Warehouse off of Google, then sign in here off of the Warehouse.

SU2017 is still supposed to be able to access the Warehouse…isn’t it?

See this post: Trimble Identity - Frequently Asked Questions | SketchUp Help

Also have this problem. Can sign in to the warehouse through chrome browser no problem, just not inside of sketchup 2020… just started today