SketchUp Error - Unexpected File Format after Vray Error - Exception in CORE: Internal error - Please save and restart


I have recently bought Vray 5 for SketchUp and when I am rendering the model Vray crashes with the Error - Exception in CORE: Internal error - Please save and restart. Rendering with RTX - GPU

When I save the SketchUp file and reopen the SketchUp file corrupts and comes up with error Unexpected File Format. This has happened on 3 different models.

Models are created on both Macbook 16inch and Windows 10 workstation - (Workstation for mostly rendering)

Current Workstation
Windows 10
GPU - GeForce RTX 3080 - Latest version

Would love to know what is causing Vray 5 to crash and then corrupt the file so we can continue with rendering the models? Currently contacting Vray to see what is causing the vray to crash.

Thanks guys.


Hope you had the backup files to fall back on. Just as a general advice, when you work with an extension that makes alterations to your model file (VRAY, for instance, stores its material etc. info inside your model file) and it crashes, I would recommend closing without saving.