Sketchup does not retain settings (tool bar locations, etc.) when I exit the program

While working in Sketchup Make, I arrange the toolbars the way I would like them laid out. When I exit the program I would have thought that my layout would be saved as in all other Windows programs I use.

I am running Windows 7 Pro and have the latest version of Sketchup Make.

Is this not the case in Sketchup Make?

SketchUp (all Windows versions and editions) save user settings in the User hive of the registry database. You might have security utility software running that may be interfering with SketchUp’s writing values into the registry.

Try right-clicking the SketchUp icon, choose Properties…, and check the box to Run as administrator choice (on the Compatibility tab.)

[P.S. - The “U” in SketchUp is uppercase.]