Sketchup Diffusion Welcome Screen

Hello - I definitely have “show welcome screen” unchecked in my preferences - but lately every time I open SU, I get this Diffusion welcome screen. How do I get rid of it permanently? It’s intrusive, and I definitely don’t like something I am not interested in being forced on me every time I go to work.

Is this a temporary inconvenience? Thanks.

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I’m sorry that I can’t answer your question but have you clicked on the Blog Post button and let it open that? Perhaps that would be enough to convince SketchUp not to show that window again. I suppose another option would be to install the extension. You could disable it after installing but that should prevent this window from appearing.

I have it installed and I also get the message I have opened the link as well, it doesn’t bother me though.


Pretty sure that’s independant, this one is more like the « there is a new version, do you want it? » that comes every year.
Weird is, I didn’t get it, neither on mac nor on pc, but last week during training some of my student (old install but fresh account) got it.

Have you tried the usual suspects ? Log off and on again, run the installer as admin (right click on it) and repair the authorisations ?
I assume SU pushes the info on our machines, and somewhere it writes that you read it, no need to push more. If it can’t write, for any reason, it would explain.

Beyond that, no clue, and SU staff won’t be around for a few days

Yes, I have logged off and on again. It makes no difference. I haven’t repaired authorizations yet - Every time I poke around under the hood, I usually make things worse. Ha! It would be nice if there was a “don’t show again” box to check or something. Hopefully it will go away soon.


well, probably not until everyone at SU’s HQ wakes up from the holiday feast in a couple of days :slight_smile:
but at least, despite being intrusive, it’s not a handicapping bug, you can still work :wink:

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doing an install repair doesn’t make things worse. It repairs what’s wrong, doesn’t change things that are allready right!

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That’s true. :laughing:

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