Sketchup crashing when rendering with Point Cloud

I have been trying to create an Animation Image set export of a model with a point cloud. Every time I get to about 360 frames, SU Bug Splats.

I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue?

This is what I am trying to creating:
(edit-updated youtube video link)


I was able to make these by exporting 3 scenes transitions at a time (4 scenes @30fps with 4 seconds between scenes, no pause) then compiling the image frames with Blender. These clips are small, compared with my normal projects. I usually like to render at 60fps and usually, over a minute long (easily over 3600 images).

I am hoping to get this crash worked out so I can set the export to run overnight or when I take an extended break as I am not using the computer and SU can have all the CPU, GPU, memory resources it wants.

On the other hand, I need to clean my screen as it is getting a bit dirty with all the dead bugs splattered all over my screen. :beetle: :beetle:

Do you export to 1080p?

Could you share your project?


yes, I export a 1080p animated image (frames) set.

Here is the link to the skp and rwp&rwi. You may have to relink the point cloud. There is only the point cloud in this file and a few scenes.

Tim has been helping me with this issue via email (ref:00D4081l2.…). He suggested that I post to the forum to see if anyone else is having the same issue.


Just checking to see if the link to the file works?

It works thanks. I can export the 602 1080p frames but the memory consumption is quite high. I will see what I can do.


Great, Thank you and I look forward to your potential solution.

If my math holds true there should be about 720 frames.
7 scenes = 6 scene transitions x 4 seconds per transition = 24 x 30 fps = 720, if looped it would be 750.

Also, how much ram do you have? I only have 16gb in my machine. I am thinking you might have 32?

6 scenes in the file you shared. I have 32GB.


:crazy_face: long day
Yes 6 scene
so it should be 6 scenes = 5 scene transitions x 4 seconds per transition = 20 x 30 fps = 600 frames, if looped it would be 720 frames.

Tim gave me an update through email. Good luck and I look forward to your conclusions.