Sketchup crashes while i sync a file more than 100 mb to lumion

Sketchup 2024 suddenly closes while live syncing to lumion. .We have good system with graphics card 24 gb and RAm 128 GB.

That is quite a large file. I am not trying to excuse the crash and I am sure you have a reason for making such a large file, but 100 MB is a heavy load, especially if you are running Lumion and SketchUp at the same time.

Are you getting a bugsplat or is it just closing without a splat? If it is showing a splat, let us know the number associated with it and we may be able to track down the cause.

In the meantime, I suppose you could break apart the file into 2 or 3 separate files and import them one at a time so you can continue with your work, but that may cause problems of its own later on.


Thank you for the reply.

Sometimes it throws BugSplat. crashId: 77268

Same files run very easily in a low configuration PC , with 16 GB graphics and 64 GB RAM. That actually confuses me, why this much load cannot be taken for a high end PC .

Any other particular settings or anything to be done. It is working on a windows 11 OS and I ensured it uses the GPU correctly. It has 128 gb RAM and 24 GB Graphics. RTX 4090

Thanks for the crash ID and additional information @skp1 I’ll see if I can track down someone with access to that part of our internal system and get what info I can from them. Once I know more, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Hopefully it is a quick and easy to implement fix.

In the meantime, I would also suggest reaching out to Lumion via their forums or customer service to see if they have any idea what the cause of the issue might be.

Hi @CaseyG

Thank you.
The thing is that sketchup closes even without live sync but with live sync it gets closed for sure if size is above 100 MB. In both these cases Lumion works perfectly without crashes. Anyway I will write to Lumion as well.

Thank you