File crashing all the time

So I started to work on this file last year and it’s now 280mb… It has lots of vray lights, high-res bitmaps, etc., and it’s crashing A LOT, even after doing some cleaning with clean up plugin… Any tips on how to solve this?

Here is my pc config: i5 7400, 8gb RAM, gtx 1050ti
Sketchup Pro 2017, V-Ray 3.40.02

I’d start getting rid of things like the Vray lights and I’d look at reducing the hi res bitmaps since there is a practical limit as to how big they need to be. I’d start looking at the components to see what can be simplified and clean them up. I’d especially look at components you might have gotten from the 3D Warehouse and see what you can do to simplify them.

Purge unused to make sure you have gotten rid of any unnecessary components and materials.

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If a specific action has repeatedly made SketchUp crash, then avoid that specific action.

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