Sketchup crashes when loading a model


At the start of Sketchup, everything goes well but when I try to open a model Sketchup opens a window, tries to open the model instantly and the application closes immediately…! It was working perfectly this summer but now I can’t start anything or even a basic model.
I’m on Sketchup PRO 2022 with an up-to-date license…

Does anyone have an idea.

Thanks a lot

Is it a specific model or any .skp file? Has it worked to open a model with SketchUp 2022 before? If this is a recentchange in behavior what has changed on your computer. Usually if SketchUp quits on startup or opening a file, the graphics card or its drivers are to blame. If your profile info is correct, try updating the graphics drivers for the Nvidia card and make sure that card is being used by SketchUp and not the integrated one. Make sure SketchUp 2022 was installed correctly. Find the downloaded installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator, and then when prompted, choose Repair.

If it’s just one specific file that is problematic, share it so we can see what you’ve got. Could be a bad component or group or something else.

Thanks a lot. This happens for all models…
I have already done both operations:

  • repair: failed
  • total uninstallation and reinstallation: failure

The graphics driver is indeed NVIDIA QUATRO K610M and it worked perfectly until July 2022 on this version.

On the other hand, I am part of the windows insiders program and I am currently on a prerelease version of Windows 11, with patches every week…
I can’t find an update for my graphics card model for windows 11…

There’s your problem. There have been other reports of SketchUp not working with the Insider version of Windows. Evidently Windows has warned folks about not using 3rd party software with this Windows release. Sounds like you get to be a Guinea pig for Windows or you can use SketchUp but not both at the same time.

Here’s one thread: Sketchup Not Opening on Windows 11 help me

Please update your profile it contains outdated information.

Indeed it is the NVIDIA graphics card that does not support the Windows 11 modifications made this summer.
I installed a virtual machine with a real windows 10 pro and everything works.
However, I don’t know what is the best virtual machine to use with Sketchup.
Can you give some information ?

I don’t have too much experience with virtual machines but you may need to know this:

BTW. If you are using SU in virtual machine, you graphics card description - mentioned in your forum profile - does not apply anymore…

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