Sketchup crashes when I open Styles Window

Sketchup 2016 Pro crashes every time I open the Styles Window. Very frustrating. Just started doing it as well. Reloaded it but still the same issue. Very confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Did you recently update the OS? SU2016 doesn’t support 10.13.

I did. That would be it. Any sense if there will be a patch or am I out of luck? This happened to me with Vectorworks as well. New OS required a new Vectorworks purchase! Crazy! …and crazy expensive!

I think at this point you can be sure there’ll be no update to SketchUp 2016. They made some updates to SU 2017 late last year to help it work with 10.13 but SU 2018 is the version intended to support High Sierra.

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