SU 2015 crashing when one of several document windows is closed (OSX Sierra)



Looking for some advice here. I’m an Architect in Dubai and I have never in 12 years of using SU ever had a problem. Now I have one that won’t go away. If I open multiple windows in SU, say two or three drawings at the same time, and then I close one, the whole thing crashes and I go to Bug Splat which I have sent hundreds of times. If I open one file SU again all the files I had open, open up. What bug have I caught and does anyone have a cure? Help greatly appreciated.


Never heard of it but the first questions to ask are:

What SU version?
What OS and OS version?
Have you recently installed any new extensions?
Have you recently modified your hardware?


Hi Eneroth3
Thanks very much for responding.
SU Ver 2015
Mac 10.12.5
and no to the last two questions.

Andrew in Dubai


It’s entirely possible the issue is due to the fact that the OSX version is newer than the SketchUp version you are using. SU2015 would not be compatible with OSX 10.12.5.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade to SU2017.


Dave thanks very much for that. You are a gent sir


… and it was SketchUp 2016 M2 that first “addressed a few issues” with Sierra.
But official support for Sierra did not come until the initial release of SketchUp 2017.

See: SketchUp Application Release Notes


Thank you. I assume that’s not the information you really want to hear and I don’t know for a fact that it is the cause of your issue but I’ve seen other strange things happen when the OS is newer than the application software.

Best wishes. Maybe you can convince your superiors to spring for SU2017. :wink:


Or install the SketchUp 2017 Pro trial, and see if you can duplicate the crash.
Multiple versions can be installed side-by-side on the same machine.


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