Sketchup colour does not show in Layout

How do I get Layout to show the Sketchup model with the colours I have added?
It is in raster mode.

LayOut will show the materials in the model if you have things set up correctly in the scene in SKetchUp and the viewport in LayOut. Share the LayOut file so we can see how you have things set up.

M98 Værn terrassetrappe.layout (1.3 MB)

You’ve overidden the style setting in LayOut.

Click the Reset button in the Style section and the color will show.

You really shouldn’t be modifying the Camera properties in LayOut. That can lead to all sorts of issues. You also have your model spread out over nearly half a kilometer of model space which is not a good idea. For one thing it can create graphics problems such as what you’d see if you click the Reset button in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel.

Thankyou, that solved the problem.

I agree the model file is very messy, as all the sketches relating to the same house are in the same file. I will change that.


You’re quite welcome.

Make sure you set the camera to Parallel Projection for scenes like the one for the stair rail so you don’t need to modify the Camera in the viewport in LayOut.

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