SketchUp closes unexpectedly with V-Ray

When I clic on Render in the Frame Buffer, SketchUp closes unexpectedly, then the file is opened as a Read-Only file.
Version of VRay 5.20.05
I would really appreciate some help.

You might be running out of memory for rendering (and subsequent memory release delay). Check task manager for memory use when you start a render from the frame buffer.
How large is your model?

According to your profile you are using SketchUp 2019 under MacOS 11.5 which, I understand, is not a supported environment. I also don’t know if V-Ray 5.20.05 is supported with SketchUp 2019. Check the compatibility of your OS, your version of SketchUp, and the version of V-Ray you are attempting to use. Edit: According to the documentation, V-Ray 5 requires SketchUp 2021 or newer, and there is a new release for compatibility with SketchUp 2022.

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