Sketchup Classic or Pro

Please Suggest me Which version of Trimble Sketchup is has all features for Interior Designer work Sketchup Classic or Pro

Pro is a software and Classic is a license type. If you buy Classic you get Pro but you can also get Pro as a subscription.


‘Pro’ is also a product type. The SketchUp Pro that you can download from here:

is named that for historical reasons, and to distinguish it from SketchUp Make. It is clearly labelled as being SketchUp Pro, but it’s only one of the things that comes with the subscription product called SketchUp Pro.

Both product types do come with the desktop application, but if you are just buying for the first time now, you ought to read this blog post:

Shortest version of which is that in the past you would have bought what is now called Classic for $695, then each year you had the option to pay $120 to keep getting support and to have your license upgraded to the latest version. The change that is talked about in the blog post is that the Classic options go away in November, meaning that if you bought Classic now for $695, you would be looking at a switch to the Pro subscription in 12 months, for $299 per year, instead of having the existing $120 option.

This table shows the differences between Classic and Pro: