Sketchup bus design for school disappeared

Hi everyone. I was just working on my design of a bus home for a school project and all of a sudden everything disappeared. I had everything saved and when I went to open something up in the 3D warehouse and as soon as I clicked on something to download everything vanished and I was left with a bath tub that I hadn’t clicked on. If anyone knows how to get everything back it would be greatly appreciated as this is due in 2 days.

Thanks everyone in advance.

I expect that last thing you downloaded from the 3D Warehouse is at the wrong scale. Can you share the .skp file? We can probably get it sorted for you.

Hi Dave, thank you for your help. I have attached it below.
Tiny house.skp (564.1 KB)

Your 2D bathtub component is over 1.6 kilometers long. It’s no wonder the rest of your model isn’t visible.
Screenshot - 4_1_2024 , 4_48_37 PM

I sscaled it down to 1.6 meters long. Hopefully that’s closer to the right size. Then I see this.

Tiny house.skp (592.2 KB)