Been working on a 3D model and recently after my computer restarted itself, I've tried to open the model, but a part of it is missing

Been working on a 3D model and recently after I’ve accidentally restarted my computer, I’ve tried to open the model, but a part of it is missing. The funny thing is that the part that is missing (exterior walls of a house) is not the most recent modifications that I’ve added to the model. I don’t understand what has happened there. Please help! Thank you!
New Floor Plan +1.skp (5.4 MB)

Share the SketchUp file with us so we can see what you are working with.

Also please correct your forum profile. There is no “Free Plan” of SketchUp 2024 Pro. Also, what operating system are you using? All current operating systems are 64-bit. Are you using some version of Windows or Mac?
Screenshot - 6_13_2024 , 9_54_05 AM

I’ve edited my profile and uploaded the model I’m currently working on. Thank you! I’ve now noticed that if I press on View- Hidden Geometry, the structure of the walls shows up gridded.

It’s all good. I found the solution. It was just hidden I think. So I’ve just done View-Hidden Geometry-I’ve selected the exterior walls-Right Click -Unhide.


By the way, is there any reason to have a bathtub symbol that is more than 1-1/2 kilometers long?

You should be keeping your model close to the origin (crossing point of the axes) other than the bathtub symbol the rest of the model is more than half a kilometer from the origin. That can create graphic issues for you.

I also fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_13_2024 , 10_16_29 AM
And purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 6_13_2024 , 10_17_23 AM
New Floor Plan +1 purged.skp (4.9 MB)