SketchUp application not working

Using SketchUp Pro 2017
Extension vray 3.4
Windows 10
4GB Graphics Card
Intel I7
While working time SketchUp application shown error ( as a attached image ) also Renders didn’t complete automatically came error message or Bug splat. I tried to so much options renderes turn off internet, turnoff antivirus option every time result will be bug splat or application error only… Kindly help me…

It is hard to tell what is causing this instability, but two thinks to look for:

  • If this happens while you are rendering in Vray, observe the amount of RAM used, and that it does not go out of memory.
  • Update your graphics driver. Vague instability (compared to reproducible errors cause by a bug in the implementation of a specific function) are often caused by issues with the graphics driver. If your graphics driver is of bad quality or has bugs, you need to update it and hope the manufacturer made available a newer, improved update. See here on how to update your graphics driver.

Are the crashes happening with one particular file, or many?

Crashes happens many files. Normally working lower files also happening now. . I m confused about that. .
Today I will check my graphics card details…
Tq for your concern .Aerllius & Gstudios .