SketchUp and Photoshop post production question

Hi everyone
Its been a while since I was here or did anything on SU. I have always been interested in NPR rendering but never had the time to learn, or do it. Recently I saw an advertisement from the Design Concept Architect who teaches courses in his methods of SU and Photoshop. Whilst the results look good, the promotional videos go on for ages, are repetitive and don’t say a lot. I don’t know anything about photoshop. Firstly is it that hard to learn and is it a good match for providing good appealing NPR renders? The price for the course in my view is quite expensive though everything is relative bearing in mind it is reportedly supported by the master himself. Does anyone here have any experience of the course, or can offer a view as to the compatibility of the two softwares? Is photoshop hard to learn? Thanks all. Nice to be back!

Can you share a link to the course you’re talking about?
Learning a software is different for every person it can be harder or easier depending on your background knowledge, I actually don’t find it hard to learn photoshop for postproduction, it could be harder to learn how to use a rendering engine, vray is one of the engines that requires a bit more time to get to know it, some other rendering engines that work with sketchup are very easy to learn cause there aren’t a lot of parameters that can be changed, ambient occlusion or twilight free come to my mind, but also the results are very different, with vray you can create photorealistic images, with ambient occlusion you can get very cool renders but they’re not photorealistic. I recommend you to try to learn using free sources like YouTube or the free courses on the sketchup website related to rendering before paying for a course.

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It depends on exactly what you want to achieve in your images. The basics of PhotoShop aren’t especially difficult to learn. Just like SketchUp you can get incredibly involved with it, too.

I do a lot of NPR type rendering from SketchUp. For my use I’ve found some other options rather than using PhotoShop but it isn’t terribly complex.

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