Sketch FX Any comments or feedback?

SketchUp sent this promotionrecieved in an email today. I thought it looked quite interesting Reviews seemed a bit mixed. Is this really as easy as it seems? Has anyone here used it and what do they think? Are there other similar programmes that users have experience with?

I tried it for awhile. It’s got some interesting features and a few of them could be useful but I prefer to do that sort of thing in post process instead of directly in SketchUp.

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I thought it looked interesting too but the cost is not insignificant (especially as there are renderers you can get free these days).

Like rendering, the process does seem to take a bit of time, which is fine if you know exactly what you want but not so good if you have to keep tweaking it. OOH, the fact that it is editable makes it much more flexible than post processing.

It says it is not rendering as such, which is probably why it is fast relative to high end render engines.

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I’ve got it and I like it, especially since I can get some NPR effects without having to go to post-processing software. It becomes somewhat more useful with the addition of their Ambient Occlusion plugin (it’s separate to SketchFX, not essential to its functioning, merely a part that can slot into the mix), but I need to buy that still.

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Thanks for all your input. Like Julian mentioned I quite like the look of a NPR look. I was also intrigued to know if it really is faster than the more traditional rendering packages.