SketchUp and macOS Mojave (10.14)



Thank you for the link to the updated version.

Downloaded and installed.

Bizarrely I never had any crashing problems on staring Sketchup.

Installed, but still Layout Zoom is poor.



I didn’t bother mentioning this release to you because it didn’t have anything in it that would change your LayOut performance. I’ll keep googling for other customers or other apps experiencing this.


No worries @Barry

At the moment I’m getting by by using my MacBook Pro on High Sierra. I’ve not yet copied all my materials across as I’m waiting for V19.

It does fix the Option Box in Layout though which is good, although I only ever Export to PDF so have just left it on that.



Checking, thanks, @MikeWayzovski



Has there been any update as of yet for whether SketchUp will work for Mac OS Mojave?
I have not updated my OS yet because I don’t want to mess up how SketchUp is working now. I am using SketchUp/Layout for more 2D solar design and installation packets.

Please let me know.



Here is the Mac maintenance update (Version 18.1.1180) to address the Mojave OS


Thank you for giving the link to the last version ! Checking update in the SKUP menu gives nothing.
See screenshot