SketchUp and Layout Crashing Restarting PC...?

I’m on latest Windows 10 and SketchUp/Layout 2020.1

My issue did not happen with 2019 and I think wasn’t happening when I upgraded to 2020.0.

Recently SketchUp and Layout seem to be crashing my system a few times a week. Every time it happens the PC does a restart. I’ll usually have Chrome and some PDFs open (Sumatra). Sometimes there will be other programs running.

This doesn’t happen with other programs. So if I’m not running SketchUp/Layout then it hasn’t happened.

Anyone else experiencing this?

(installed by right clicking on the exe file and running as administrator)

I’ve just had my second crash and restart today.

The first happened when I had Layout open and SketchUp was not running. I opened a SketchUp model via File>Document Setup>References and as soon as I clicked Edit the PC closed down and then restarted.

Just now I had a Sketchup Model open with Layout not running. As soon as I clicked on a Layout file to open the PC closed down and restarted.