Sketchup and Kerkythea

I use Sketchup Make 2017 and I want to start designing starships again without downloading components and I need help in which version of kerkythea renderer to use and instructions in where to drop in which folders.

Go to the link. Kerkythea – Simply Powerful Get Kerkythea and the SU2KT extension. Install Kerkythea as normal and the extension using Install Extension in SketchUp’s Preferences.

Just remember that the last Kerkythea update was in 2018 and his creator won’t continue the development of it anymore.

That won’t make any difference to someone using SketchUp Make. Kerkythea works just fine in all newer versions of Sketchup as it is.

Kerkythea is an external software, it doesn’t matter the SketchUp version that is used to export models there for rendering. My comment was because it could have issues with newer versions of windows.

It might. SketchUp 2017 Make might, too. Currently Kerkythea works fine on Windows 10 and 11.