SketchUp 8 Re-install

I had to re-install Sketchup 8 due to System problems (my System was hacked). Now, when I open Sketchup 8, I get the error message asking “Do you want to keep running scripts on this page”. And referring to Facebook’s web adress. Advice ?
Gary Stanullwich

Sounds like you still have some computer issues to sort. SketchUp shouldn’t be giving you any messages related to Facebook.

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I have seen older versions of SketchUp talking to Facebook addresses. Not sure why we ever did that. It could be that in the way we ping in 19.2 and recent versions, and in 19.3, even earlier ones may have pinged

Check the "i18n.dat" file in the SketchUp application folder and see what the following attribute is …


I checked the Sketchup folder, and there is no entry like that.
Gary Stanullwich

Well do a search of your system drive for that file and find it …